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Find your way

Help Peanut to collect all the food while dodging nasty enemies. Navigate your way through deadly traps while keeping an eye on the bigger picture.
Peanut's Quest combines a variety of puzzles with skilled movements required to avoid the enemies.

Solve tricky puzzles

Over time you will explore more and more concepts like trigger tiles, dreadful abysses, the heat of the desert, movable objects, fixed-movement-tiles and many, many more. For each level choose between the easy and the hard version, according to your skill.

Explore different landscapes and meet your foes

You will encounter many different enemy types: snails, bats, flying flameskulls, the obligatory blob and many more :)
And all this takes place in the beautiful setup of your forest-home, dangerous underground levels, dark dungeons, spider- and bat-infested caves, the desert etc etc.

It has cats. IT HAS CATS!!!

Did I already mention the cats? These cutest creatures of all need your help! Someone locked them up in dirty prison cells and some got lost in the wild. Help them gain their freedom again.
There's a slight chance old memories of "Lemmings" will come back ;)

Play now - it's free!

The first 12 levels can be played absolutely for free, no strings attached. Purchase an unlock-code in our shop to unlock all 30 levels if you like the game (of course you do ^^). If you can, you should play the PC version; the controls and difficulty were adjusted for the use of arrow keys, but I did my best to give you reasonable controls for Android, too :)

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