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Hidden Lotus Games' Philosophy

Hidden Lotus Games is an indie developer whose main idea behind creating games is to make intelligent games that are fun and without any ripoff schemes. The primary focus is on puzzles that also require a bit of skill and make the player grow, not only the character in the game.

I believe in a fair world in which everyone transcends his ego for the greater good. That is why I will donate at least 25% of all money that I make with my games to people who need it. So by purchasing my games and donating you will also accumulate some good Karma 😇
I really like to hear your constructive feedback about my games. Keep in mind I did not spend thousands of Euros for graphics and sounds. But if enough people support me that may well occur in the future and I am looking forward to developing more fun and more beautiful games for you.
I am not doing this for the money but for the people

Spread the word and help me to create new games and improve the existing ones!