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Put your Defenders into place

The Kingdom of Kusari is being attacked by vicious forces. The bravest men and women have gathered to defeat this enemy.
Kusari Kingdom is a puzzle game that builds upon creating chain reactions between your units and will tickle your brain cells like nothing else.

C-C-C-C-Combo Maker

Your units deal damage to neighboring fields and must be placed so that they activate both your own units while also damaging the enemy. Most levels must be solved with one or two triggers.

Many different Defenders await your order

Although starting out simple, more and more different Defenders will join you during the game. Each one has his or her own attack pattern
Later stages (not currently playable) also include different damage types such as Magic and Poison.

How about challenging your friends?

Besides infrastructural questions, a multiplayer mode is ready to deploy. In multiplayer, all players get the same puzzle and Defenders. Whoever can beat the most enemies within the least amount of turns wins the round.

Play now - it's free!

The first levels can be played absolutely for free, no strings attached. Purchase an unlock-code in our shop to unlock all more levels if you like the game (of course you do ^^).

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